Fifties mod condos slated for midrise swapout
Swamp Lot
by Christine Gerbode
14 July 2016

River Oaks Manor

THE ABOVE CORNER OF Welch and Revere streets, which currently holds the 2-story River Oaks Manor condo complex, looks to be trading up for a much taller occupant: a 9-story condo midrise going by the name The Revere at River Oaks. A 6-story condo midrise project called Revere Park was previously planned at the corner of Mimosa and Revere, one block to the south; that project was denied several variance requests by the city last year, with objecting residents claiming the area couldn’t handle increased density.

River Oaks Manor (which is itself outside the boundaries of River Oaks) sits on a narrow rhomboidal lot to the southeast of the intersection; the building footprint’s slightly acute and obtuse angles are complemented by sets of triangular windows on several corner units. Kirksey Architecture’s design for the proposed midrise structure seems to stick more firmly rectilinear shapes, however:

The rendering above doesn’t show the surrounding crops of recent townhomes to the north and west; to the south on the Mimosa side of the block (directly behind the building, in the drawing above) sit some of the Stanford Oaks patio homes developed by international banker and Houston developer Allen Stanford, now working on Decade No. 1 of his 110-year federal prison sentence. The townhome immediately to the west is also Stanford stock, and can be glimpsed in the shot below snuggled up next to another of the condo complex’s northeastern corner:

The proposed building would hold 33 units, according to Pelican Builders’ marketing materials, and start at $1.6 million; the existing 1950s condo complex holds 26.

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