Terminating condo corporations
Tactics to force residents out

Will it become common?
Ontario lawyers getting prepared
Owners want Cambridge to terminate condo
Toronto: La Piazza Lofts terminates itself
Commercial condo terminated—oppression
Court injunction stops termination meeting

Penhorwood—a nightmare
     Two years of frustration
     City order to tear it down
     City pays to tear it down

British Columbia
So you want to liquidate your aging condo building...
BC—terminating a 3 unit strata corporation
BC condo owners selling to developers
Okanagan senior heartbroken over condo fiasco
Some BC owners may be forced to sell
Vancouver condo owners being harassed to sell
Stratas may pack it in as land values soar
First condo wind-up approval under new law
First strata wind-up without unanimous vote
Be prepared for a stressful time
Coquitlam strata corporation seeks dissolution
Condo owners cash out with $51 million sale
Bill 40 brings relief to many, grief to some
BC Supreme Court approves the sale of 585 Austin Avenue
"Unit assembly" 2nd way to terminate a strata
New hitch for group condo sales
Condo owners protest forced sale of their homes
BC judge refuses an application for a condo termination
BC judge refuses an application to stop a condo termination

United States
Pennsylvania owners face forced sale
Virginia Beach condo-buying court battle
Georgia condo owners suing investor   Part1
Georgia condo owners suing investor   Part2
Arizona law allows condos to be forcibly taken
40 downtown Nashville area condos sold
Houston: 9 storey condo replaces 2 storey
NY Grandview Palace: Sell or re-build  Part 1
NY Grandview Palace: Voted to sell     Part 2

Condo owners say they’re under siege
Newer condos terminated in Florida
An argument in favour of terminations
A successful Florida termination
Another successful Florida termination
Judge rules on Miami Beach termination
Palm Cove condo owners forced to sell
FL—Minority owners can't stop termination
Tampa owners battle against termination
Condo terminations expected to rise
Condo to Make Way for Student Housing
Owners face losing condos in Kissimmee
New condo termination law passed
Versailles Sur La Mer condo complex condemned by Brevard County

Chicago condos becoming rental bldgs
Big condo sales likely to spread
Attempt to remove condo board unsuccessful

The law is changing in Australia
Apartment owners unite to sell whole unit blocks
The Sydney unit owners who are doubling their money right now
(See more examples in the Appendix)

Japan's oldest condo building to be demolished
Three signs that your desired en bloc sale might not be happening
Normanton Park up for en bloc sale with reserve price of S$800 million

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