Versailles Sur La Mer condo complex condemned by Brevard County south of Melbourne Beach
Florida Today
Rick Neale
16 November 2017

Moving trucks line the Versailles Sur La Mer condominium complex driveway Thursday morning south of Melbourne Beach.  (Photo: Rick Neale Florida Today)

MELBOURNE BEACH — The Versailles Sur La Mer condominium complex has been condemned by Brevard County officials, who cited "extreme structural support issues" that were likely exacerbated by Hurricane Irma's howling winds.

Built in 1981, the yellow four-story oceanfront residential structure is located just south of the landmark Ebb Tide housing tower, south of Melbourne Beach. Three moving trucks lined the driveway Thursday morning.

Residents declined to talk about the situation with a Florida Today reporter. Likewise, an Oceanside Property Management employee said the Satellite Beach company was not at liberty to discuss the matter.

Chief Building Official Michael McCaughin deemed the 24-unit complex "an unsafe building and an imminent danger to building occupants" in a Nov. 6 report. He cited an Oct. 13 inspection that revealed structural steel I-beams supporting the upper floors were afflicted with substantial corrosion and rust.

Kay McCarthy was president of the Versailles Sur La Mer Condominium Association until she resigned from the board in September and moved elsewhere. She said an HOA repair project was underway along the oceanfront side of the complex to repair porches and surrounding steel, replace balconies, and replace ground-floor decking. What's more, the HOA had chosen a contractor to start replacing walkways along the front of the complex.

"It's a beautiful building. Everyone thought it was worth saving," McCarthy said.

Red Brevard County warning signs are posted at the Versailles Sur La Mer condominium complex.   (Photo: Rick Neale Florida Today)

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