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Are You Sure You Want to Buy That condo?
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Government phone numbers
for information about community, social and health services if you don’t know where to turn with a problem.

Residents are encouraged to call 211 for information about health, social and community services. For example, you can call 211 if you are a newcomer to Canada and are looking for employment training or you are concerned about a family member with an addiction and need information about available programs. You can also call 211 if you need information about a food bank, mental health support or a non-emergency police contact number.
to get information about City services and programs such as garbage collection, water service, graffiti removal, reporting violations of city building standards and recreational skating locations.

Customer service representatives also have access to over-the-phone interpreters who can speak more than 180 languages. 311 is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
for a medical emergency, or threats or harm to a person or property that require immediate police, fire or paramedic services.

Condo information sites

Canadian Condo Information Centre
For Owners and Future Owners
This is an excellent website for condo owners. It covers almost everything that an owner needs to know.

Here is a BC condo website that is fascinating. Along with rating BC condo management companies, they publish the names of the condo managers that have been disciplined by the Real Estate Council of BC for professional misconduct.

Condo helper
Helping you with difficult condo buying or selling decisions.
This website is hosted by the writer of 101 Reasons Not to Buy a Condo. The writer works in the Toronto and area condo industry.  (no longer active)

Condominium Home Owners' Association of B.C. (CHOA)
For BC condo owners, strata corporations and industry companies.

Alberta condominiums
A website that gives condo owners information on condo living in Alberta.

Condo Law For Albertans
Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta's website provides legal information for Alberta consumers who are thinking about buying a condo, currently living in one, or considering selling or renting their condo.

Condo Savvy Alberta
Knowledge is Power!

Tony GioventuI
Tony is the executive director and strata property adviser for the Condominium Home Owners' Association of B.C. (CHOA) He gives advice to condo owners in this newspaper column.
The Condo Act in BC has differences from Ontario's Act so not all of his advice applies to Ontario condos.

Here is a second column that Tony Gioventul writes:

Better Condo Life
A blog written by a condo owner and a director. It describes the frustrations of condo life and how you can improve your condo corporation.

The Greater Fool
Garth Turner writes this blog to warn Canadians that home ownership, especially a condo, is not a wise investment. His predictions of gloom and doom in the real estate market have not yet happened, aside from Calgary.

Most real estate agents really hate this guy.

Canadians For Properly Built Homes
While there are good builders in Canada, there are also marginal builders and poor builders in Canada. Currently Canadians have no reliable, objective means of knowing who the good builders are.

CCI Toronto
A condominium industry organization that gives some training programs for directors on condominium boards.

Condo puppy
Welcome to the home of dog-friendly condominiums in Canada.
Helping people find and promote condos that allow dogs.

The Bedbug Registry
This bedbug registry lists bedbug infestations in Toronto with a Recent Findings page.

Vancouver Island Strata Owners Association

Strata Advocate
This BC website is provided as a tool for concerned strata owners to inform themselves and make representations to government and the media for the purpose of obtaining legislation that is long overdue.

Look up Strata
An Australian strata (condo) website.

Airbnb Hell is dedicated to helping Hosts and Guests share their stories about the risks and dangers of using Airbnb.


Discussion forums

This is a blog where condo owners can post questions and receive answers from other owners and people in the condo industry.

It hosts the best blog for condo issues that I know of in Ontario.

Direct link to Tom's Blog


Realtor blogs

Toronto Reality Blog
by Doug Fleming
Doug's blog is well written and he has a good sense of humour. He specializes in writing about condos in downtown Toronto.

Condo Scene
by Marilyn Wilson
Marilyn Wilson is an Ottawa-based Realtor who writes a very interesting column on condominiums.

A team of Realtors with Bosley Real Estate Ltd have a very nice site. Be sure to check out their Blog for interesting articles and restaurant reviews.

An interesting Realtor website
This site gives you an idea how many units sold and the price range that they went for for most condos in the GTA. Looking at the chart at the bottom of the page lets you know the prices for the last six years so you can get an idea if prices are going up or down.

Better Dwelling
Canadian real estate website keeping us up-to-date on the news.

Cityplace—What Went Wrong?
A real estate agent writes about the problems he hears about the huge Cityplace condo development at Front and Spadina.
Be sure to read the Comments  (not active)

Simply Charles
Charles Hanes is back with a new website called "Simply Charles".

This website went down in April 2015 and returned two months later. All his earlier postings have been removed. It now has a far different look and tone than his older, and I think far better, "Simplycondos".

Simplycondos Blog

Charles Hanes, a real estate broker, wrote a daily blog about Toronto's condo market. While many of his postings advertises his services, this blog is not your ordinary real estate website.

Charles names troubled condo buildings, "a developer that I would recommend no-one to deal with" and poor performing property management companies. He explains what a "dog" unit is and the importance of having a competent board of directors. There is a lot of information on his blog.

Read through all his old postings to find nuggets of valuable information.
    (This site has been taken down April 2015)


Property manager blog
Kevin Middleton, a condo property manager in Ontario, started this blog in spring 2016.

Landlord Rescue
Great resource for rental units in condos.

An American HOA/condominium management company that has offices in western Canada and now in the GTA. They have good articles for condo directors and owners.


Condominium services

Condominium Authority of Ontario
Welcome! The Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO) is pleased to launch an initial website to introduce ourselves. New government legislation is underway that would establish the CAO as a new administrative authority whose proposed mandate includes supporting positive and healthy condo communities by offering education for condo directors and by helping resolve condo disputes.

We look forward to serving condominium owners, corporations and the broader condominium community if designated by the Lieutenant Governor in Council and our services are in place, which is expected to be later in 2017.

Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario
The Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (CMRAO) is pleased to launch an initial website to introduce ourselves. New government legislation is underway that would establish the CMRAO as a new administrative authority whose proposed mandate would include supporting positive and healthy condo communities through the licensing and regulation of condo managers and condominium management providers.

Potek Power
Potek Power is an electrical bill auditing service. If they find that an Ontario condo corporation was over billed during the previous two years, they receive half of the refund as their fee. If they find nothing, the condo pays nothing. Even then, the condo gets a one-page report on their electrical billing.

Eagle Audit
Assisting condos to prevent waste, theft and fraud

Cass and Fraser Chartered Accountants
Cass and Fraser Chartered Accountants provides accounting and auditing services to condominium and strata corporations in Alberta and British Columbia.

This website has a lot of good information for condo directors and owners financial matters especially on fraud prevention.

Clear Path Engineering Inc.
Engineering consultants for condos/strata corporations in Alberta and BC.

The Fee Fighters
(No longer an active site Dec 2015)


Are You Sure You Want to Buy That condo?
With Vancouver’s leaking windows and Toronto’s falling balcony glass, today’s condominiums seem to be crumbling before our eyes.

Bringing together the best available data on condominium
construction and ownership, this guide will help you better
understand your choices and needs as you consider your condo purchase.

‘I’ll never buy a condo again’: Apathy leads to condo in crisis
Toronto Star May 2011
York Condominium Corporation 506, (40 Panorama Court) located near Finch and Kipling Ave, is in crisis. The 202-unit condo building needs millions of dollars in urgent repairs—but at the same time, it has an operating deficit of $670,000, a depleted reserve fund and a community that can’t agree on a fix.

Where Are The Cheapest Condos In Toronto?
This entry was posted in Condos on 16 July 2014
David Fleming took a look at the cheapest resale condos listed on MLS.
It is surprising that he did not know the history of 320 Dixon Road but then it is not in his neighbourhood.


Newspaper columns

Robert Noce, Edmonton Journal
Here is the "Condo Questions" collection from the Edmonton Journal written by Robert Noce, an Alberta lawyer that specializes in condominium law.—condo law

Gerry Hyman, a condominium lawyer, has an excellent questions and answer column in the Toronto Star.
Gerry Hyman

Condo Culture
A newspaper question and answer forum for condo owners.—real estate
Bob Aaron has a regular real estate column in the Toronto Star.
At the bottom of his column he states:
Full disclosure: I am the chair of Tarion’s consumer advisory panel and a former board member.
Bob Aaron



Short-term Consequences
Examining the impacts of Airbnb and other short-term rental services on tenants, housing, and cities

Inside Airbnb
Adding data to the debate
A new coalition called “” launched its campaign to bring legal fairness to the growing ‘homeshare’ market in Canada. The Coalition has launched in Toronto, where Airbnb and similar firms have seen a rapid change in their business practices.


Neighbourhood associations

The Federation of North Toronto Residents’ Associations (FoNTRA) is a non-profit, volunteer organization comprised of 28 member organizations.

Gooderham & Worts Neighbourhood Association

A well designed website.

Ossington Community Association
Promoting the flourishing of the Ossington strip–Dundas bend neighbourhood and business districts

St. Lawrence Neigbourhood Association
A neighbourhood association containing a number of condominium corporations in the St. Lawrence district of Toronto.

Toronto Entertainment District Residents Association
Only as a strong unified voice can we protect the vitality of our neighbourhood and demand the services we require to carry out our daily lives.


Property management companies

Dickenson Management
A London Ontario property management company has a nice News section with good articles for condo residents. Contains real articles, not info-ads.

This site has blogs, Q&A and educational webinars and e-books.


Government agencies

Ministry of Consumer Services
The ministry's website for condo owners.

Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation
CMHC offers a free Condominium Buyers' Guide that is available on this site as a pdf file.

Personal comments

Why I Think Condos Suck
A property manager gives his opinions on why he thinks condos suck especially as investment properties.

He just doesn't get it
Here is a log by an owner who is upset because his condo board will not let him park his third vehicle in the visitors' parking.

Owners Alliance 215
A condo owner is battling with his board over fee increases and election issues.

Homeowner associations

Birch Cliff News
Birch Cliff News is a community website devoted to covering local news and events that affect the daily lives of the people who live in our corner of southwest Scarborough.

Condo magazines

Condo Business Magazine
This is a good condo magazine and this section has very good articles on condo legal issues.

Toronto Condo News
Toronto Condo News magazine is a monthly magazine that is specific and directed to residents of residential condominiums in Toronto.

Robert's Rules of Order
The "official site" for Robert's Rules of Order. This guide to how to preside over meetings is now in its 11th edition.

Condominium websites

HCC # 363
Waterford Place
Residents Manual Updated_July 26 2007.pdf

MTCC # 878
The Vogue Condominiums

MTCC 1170
Another very informative condominium corporation website.

New Town of York
An extremely well designed and informative condominium website.

TSCC #1431
The Maytower II is on Lee Centre Drive in Scarborough. It is a tower complex that shares its common elements with Maytower I.

This site has been built and maintained by the board of directors to keep the owners informed and is a very impressive website.

YCC 41
Markham Glen has a well designed website.

YCC # 340
The Queenscourt on the East Mall in Etobicoke.
This use to be a real fire and brimstone website that was an interesting mix of board meeting minutes and political rants from the president.

The majority on the board changed and so did the website. It is no where near as interesting as it once was.


Condo renovation companies

Kandy Outdoor Flooring
A nice blog on condo issues. It has ideas on making a lovely balcony

C-Wood is a custom kitchen cabinet maker based in Scarborough. We had a new pantry, a new closet and a wall cabinet for the walk-in closet built by them and we were very pleased with their work, price and delivery.