Missing manhole cover

The # 54 and # 55 streetcar lines run along Chungcheng Street in the west side of Changchun.

There is a busy street-car stop at the south-east corner of Chuncheng and Chuangye Street. In late August 2017, I noticed a missing manhole cover beside the sidewalk at the north edge of the street car stop.

There was a small orange safety cone sitting on the north-side of the manhole.

By early September 2017, the safety cone was on its side and it seems that someone laid one wooden board across the south edge of the hole.

So what person or organization has the responsibility to make this walkway safe? I am not sure but I believe that:
The land may be on the condo corporation's property. If so, it is the condo's responsibility to protect their residents.
If the sidewalk belongs to the city, then the city should have this repaired.
The transit customers use this walkway to get on and off the streetcars so the transit authority should have an interest in seeing this hazard eliminated.
The retail stores and the government office that have offices on the condo's bottom two floors should have an interest in the safety of their customers.
On 13 September 2017, I received an e-mail from a condo resident:

About that big hole behind the #54 streetcar station.

In order to avoid the pedestrian to have the danger, I planned to ask the correction personnel to solve the problem today. (condo maintenance.)

I discovered that some people, residents like me, ahead of me, have already established the security warning with the red flag.

I already knew that some people phoned the mayor's telephone 12345 many times, but nobody answering. Hope to obtain the solution as soon as possible because very many peoples including me are paying attention to it.

I know you care about it too.

This is a great news story because it is a problem that everyone in the world can relate to.

I am not sure if any of these ideas would work in Changchun but your follow citizens and you may try:

Calling your local TV station. You have a story that has great potential for TV as it has good "visuals" that television news needs.
Try getting the local newspaper interested.
Talk to the manager of the large government office that rents space at the condo. Suggest to him/her that their employees and clients are at risk of serious injury.
Use the Chinese social media to build up local and national interest.
Let the city and transit officials know that this problem is already on the Internet and some Canadians are interested to see how long it will take to get this dangerous problem fixed.
Please send me your mayor's name and address and I will ask my Canadian friends to write him a letter informing him that we are worried that someone in his city may get seriously hurt and that we politely ask him to use his influence to get this problem fixed.

I wish you luck in getting this fixed and I hope that no one gets hurt.


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