In China the decoration of condominium apartments does not mean the same thing as it does in Canada.

New condos do not have any interior furnishings. Your new home comes with the bare concrete walls, ceiling and floor and windows. You also get your front door. That is just about it.

Nice European-style kitchen cupboards with solid material counter tops

Home owners go to different retail stores to pick the furnishings, sinks, taps, ceramics, cabinets, interior doors and counter tops that they want. Every unit can be very different from any of the other units in the building. The amount of selection is amazing.

The kitchen displays equal or better ours in selection and quality

This is Orient World,
a Chinese version of Home Depot.

All signs are bilingual, Chinese and English

Bathroom sliding doors

Condos have only two-burner gas cook tops with high-power exhaust hoods

The new home owner has to hire workers to plaster and paint their condo walls and ceiling, lay the floors, install all the bathroom and kitchen fixtures, hot water tank, light fixtures and plumbing, interior doors, fume hood; the works.

Each condo unit has its own hot water tank mounted on the wall

It can take a couple of years for the new home owners to complete the decoration of their new home, depending on how much money they have.

Most people hire contractors to do all the work but it still up to the home owners to check on the quality of the workmanship.

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