Court decisions

Here is a link to some edited court judgments affecting condominium owners in Canada.

Most of the cases were heard in Ontario Superior Court with a few in Appeals Court, small claims court or were heard in other Canadian provinces.

(Click on the underlined Case Number, if it is available, to read the actual judgment.)

Condo Act—consumer protection
Boards should not be bullies
Owners are ultimately responsible for litigation
Administration fees are invalid in Ontario
Expert witnesses must be non-partisan
The judge determines who's testimoney is most credible
Section 134.(5)   Where is the justice?
Costs—Owner given five-years to pay
Legal costs
Appealing an arbitrator's decision
Power of sale
Examining records
Nine-year battle over examining records
Tenant suing condo corporation
Board of directors
Boards purging director
Owners right to canvas other owners
Condos should investigate proxy irregularities
Board vs owner(s)
Board sues owner over tenant issues
The Business Judgement Rule
Owners as vexatious litigants
Water leaks and mould
Workplace harassment
Running businesses in condo units
Short-term rentals
Damage to amenities
Single-family residental units
Entry into a private unit
Owner vs owner
Conditional offers
Pet disputes
2nd hand smoke
Status certificates
Owners verse the builders
Residental units vs commercial units
Shared facilities
Forcing owners to sell
Mental health issues
Forcing owners to sell—mental health issues
Condo corporations vs management
Condo corporations vs contractors
Ontario Labour Relations Board
Buying an altered unit
Developer vs the builder
Court-appointed administrator
Court ordered termination
Suing employees as individual defendants upheld

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