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Buying a condo
Aluminum cladding
Construction issues
Maintenance issues
Short-term rentals
Illegal boarding units
New developments
Shared facilities

Number of strata schemes and lots in Queensland

Buying a condo
Watered down issues in strata files
Better buying guide—apartments
Why older strata units rock
Strata living—a hotbed of competing interests
Shops below apartments in Sydney a flawed model
Animal Welfare League on Brisbane’s lack of pet-friendly apartments
Pet ban idea could hit apartment values, say Gold Coast developers
Why I will never buy a new apartment in Sydney
What you need to know about living in an apartment
NSW—Two Lot Schemes

Aluminum cladding
Brisbane student accommodation barred from housing residents
Builder refuses to replace illegal flammable cladding
Flammable building cladding in Queensland
Australia’s problem with building defects
Combustible cladding to be stripped off Lacrosse Docklands tower
Why an Aussie high-rise blaze is more likely than not
Condos could face bills for millions to replace unsafe cladding
Owners in Queensland call for urgent audit after Grenfell Tower fire
Tenants in the dark on flammable-cladding fire-trap risk
Builder claimed cladding blamed for Grenfell Tower inferno is OK to use
Does the public deserve to know where the illegal cladding is?
Prahran strata residents fear fire risk over flame-coloured facade
'Dodgy' safety certificates rife on building sites, Senate cladding inquiry told
Barbie & smoking bans could cut cladding fire dangers
Two ways to deal with flammable apartment tower cladding
Guess who pays when new cladding task force finds blocks at risk
Lacrosse cladding case: Owners caught in 'painful' legal minefield
Why highrise owners face bill for replacing dangerous cladding
Strata owners fear insurance bills as much as cladding fires
Lacrosse owners take $11million recladding loan

Construction issues
New building laws won't stop dodgy developers cutting corners
Foreign investors to flood Melbourne with dingy flats
Apartment rules overhaul: at least they'll have windows
High-rise apartments are bad to live in and bad for society
Five apartment building problems that can cost buyers dearly
Melbourne's high-rise nightmares taking a tall toll on owners
Melbourne’s faulty building crisis
Urgent action needed to tackle faulty new apartments and houses
Australia's apparent addiction to high rises
Victoria’s faulty building crisis
Leaking buildings, mould & court battles: Apartment boom's dark side
NSW regulator fines architect $20,000 over apartments
Exploding glass balconies in Melbourne
Residents call on Ku-ring-gai Council to fix Killara ‘death trap’
Award-winning Landmark building at Charlestown has problems

Maintenance issues
Concrete cancer epidemic—don’t bury your head in the sand
Concrete cancer: informing all lot (unit) owners
Is salt damp covered by insurance and who is responsible?
How hiring a lift consultant can save your building money
The apartment toilet problems & the clever property manager

Short-term rentals
High-rise residents fight sharing economy
Watergate OC (condo) decides against short-stay appeal
Watergate: Battle is over, war goes on
An extra 1,000 residents & 8 illegal brothels in one city building
Is Airbnb destroying strata living?
Airbnb tackles backlash among residential neighbours
How condo owner-residents subsidize short-term units
Under proposed laws Unit blocks (condos) forced to take Airbnb lets
Police bust illegal ‘pop-up’ brothel in CBD apartment
Airbnb guests trash Sydney apartment, turn it into a 'junkie den'
City of Sydney betrayed strata residents over short-term letting
The sharing economy shouldn’t become the taking economy
Flood of AirBnB listings sees hosts income drop by 40%
Short-stay letting inquiry states stratas can't stop short-term rentals
The extra-costs caused by short-term rentals
Melbourne apartment buyers chase a piece of Airbnb’s market
Owners in Sydney’s most exclusive condos prepare to battle Airbnb
Sydney—Anti-short-term rental owners raise $60,000 war chest
Dirty tricks & dodgy laws as unit blocks declare war on holiday lettings
Condo owner discovers tenant was illegally renting home on Airbnb

Illegal boarding units
No stop to slums-in-the-sky
Students taking turns to sleep in overcrowded Melbourne high rises
$100,000 fine for running secret hostel in Sydney supermarket
‘High-rise slums’ are amongst us
Reports of Overcrowding at Melbourne’s ‘Lacrosse Building’
$150 a bed ads raise concerns of overcrowding & exploitation
Australia must stop overcrowding of apartments
Ginger Jiang sues after being forced to jump from burning apartment
Tracking the rise of room sharing and overcrowding
Living rooms for rent by the minute outsource the whole idea of home

How an advocate helped a strata (condo) owner
NSW to locate, identify & deal with ‘Slumlords’
A real life spiderman thief is scaling balconies
Letting agents’ hidden rewards: Shhh….It’s a secret!
Elderly activist pushes for simpler retirement village contracts
Owner of 3 car spaces in East Ivanhoe flats wants to build 3-level house
Home ownership - the new class divide
Restaurateur burned by complaints over cooking smells
Sale of apartment owned by monk who disappeared sets legal precedent
What should you buy your concierge at Christmas?

Victoria to review electricity rules for apartments, retirement villages
Iconic Melbourne building makes big savings on electricity use
Individual water meters for apartments
Sydney cuts apt levies up to $60,000 in global warming battle
How a Melbourne apartment building cut its energy consumption in half

Whose bank account is it?
Why are developers allowed to sell 25 year caretaking contracts?
VCAT president slams ability of developers to control bodies corporate
Appointing an Administrator to a Body Corporate (condo)
You can get into a lot of trouble in 300 words
Blanket pet bans in apartments ruled illegal in legal fight
NSW: New limits imposed on proxy votes
NSW: Strata reform & proxy votes: How many can you hold?
A reminder of why strata brawls are so fierce
How to talk to other owners at AGM if most vote by proxy?
Can a bylaw silence angry owners?
Gazebo apartments a ‘basket-case’ wracked with legal threats
How to overthrow your strata committee
A better way to buy insurance?
Can we avoid strata manager insurance commissions?
The golden rules of by-law enforcement
From a misplaced mat to a $170k lawsuit
Letters of Demand – Don’t sweep it under the carpet
Long-term contracts
The golden rules of by-law enforcement
What to do when Don Quixote comes after your windmills
Strict rules on capital works plans could sink strata schemes and inspectors
Running a business in residential strata & the impact on insurance
Woman wins four-year legal battle with owners corporation
How Do I Stop Cigarette Butts Litter from Neighbours Upstairs?
Stern warnings issued for condo owners following BBQ gas explosion
Survey reveals what irks tradies (contractors) the most

New developments
Toyota accelerates plan for Melbourne high-rise
Harry Triguboff sees caravan parks as solution to housing crisis
'Nearing epidemic proportions': Burglars hit new apartment buildings

Shared facilities
The George crumbles as war breaks out among owners

32 people become millionaires from one sale
Apartment owners selling site in Sydney's Macquarie Park
Melbourne unit owners could be forced to sell their homes