YCC #42   320-340 Dixon Road

Why YCC #42 is important
Bright beginnings
10 & 20th anniversary celebrations
Dixon City
A $50 million mistake
Ten lost years
The last requisition
Six administrator years
Democracy restored
New board
1st 100 days
Cutting the gravy
A new web site
2013 Budget
Political infighting
1st six months
Dixon City Bloods
Home Owners Association
In the top 5 boards in Canada
Too many problems—property
Too many problems—political
The board's 1st year
AGM—2012 fiscal year
Election fraud
Struggle for power
Forcing a showdown
Back to the courts
A 2nd requistion attempt to remove Khan
The court hearing
Justice Penny's decision & costs
What's next?
2016 AGM

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