More proxy form games

Here is a third condo corporation, and property management company, that is playing games with the proxy forms in order to give the incumbent an edge in the election.

In this case, an incumbent is running for a position on the board against two other candidates. Yet only his name is listed on the proxy form and once again, there is no instructions to strike his name out if you wish to vote for someone else and to write in the name of the candidate you wish to vote for.

James' name has the number one written beside it so if another candidate's name is written in, James is the voter's first choice.


None of the owners caught on that this form was giving James a big advantage until I pointed it out to them.

More gaming of the proxy forms
Here is another case of the board and the property manager rigging a proxy form to give the incumbents a big advantage.

In this case, not only do the incumbents get their names listed in the first two positions but their offices are included on the ballot.

Yet another example of why the property management companies cannot be trusted to run condo elections and Regulations need to be added to the Condo Act have to address condo election procedures.

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