Buying a condominium
Florida—The Ponzi State
Buying a Condo
Hespeler ‘condo road’ dispute
Toronto: Canadian Real Estate Wealth Expo
Buyer forfeited $275k deposit on Vancouver condo

Real estate agents
What makes for a successful Realtor & will it matter for long?
Ready or not
Successful business executive changes careers

Buying pre-construction
Condo sales in BC with no cash down payment
Screwed—The story of Urbancorp's collapse
Back to couch surfing at mom's after condo buy goes south
Minto development mired in financial troubles
Hamilton believes Connolly project still on          Part 1
Buyers walking away from Hamilton downtown condo market  Part 2
Approval extended for James Street South condo project    Part 3
Old Sudbury hospital an 'eyesore, residents say
Two Sudbury condo conversions stalled, possibly abandoned
Money down, but Winnipeg condo buyers waiting for units to be built

Construction Defect lawsuits often hinge on document retention
Ottawa condos’ developer vows to remedy every ‘deficiency’
View of the park turns out to be view of gas pipes
Ohio Homeowners Deal with Costly Construction Mistakes
Law firm recovers $2.33 Million for condo with construction defects
Condo project gets gates to separate homes from rest of development
As Hurricane Andrew memories fade, Florida weakens building codes

Toilets & drinking water coming to Japanese condo elevators
Houses aren't bananas  (Australia)

Buying a resale
Beware of mould in Vancouver's hot condo market
Excessive noise
Condo resales need consumer protection
Mortgages for all
Homeless man "buys" Hamilton condo
Home inspections drop drastically in hot market
Inspectors missed major condo defects, suit says
$458,000 paid for condo may be for nothing                    Part 1
$458,000 condo sale should be voided because of fraud   Part 2

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